Sight Words

I've been spending time this week thinking of how to have my students practice their sight words more.  We all know how important being able to read, write, and spell these words are; yet I feel like I haven't always done the best job of making sure my students practice them regularly or are working at a level that is just right for them.
As I was blog hopping, I found a great post from Amber at T is For Teaching. 

She wrote about the SuperSpeed 100 and SuperSpeed 1000 from Whole Brain Teaching.  Since entering the blogging world, I have read so much about WBT and have fallen in love with so many aspects of it.  So when I saw this post, I knew it was something I would have to look into.

With the SuperSpeed 100/1000, student pairs read a list of sight words that is at their level.  I love that there is little prep, once you make the initial set of lists.  Students are challenging themselves to beat their personal best, which I also love.  April even made a really cute recording sheet for students to use!

 I think this is going to be a great addition to my classroom.  I feel like it's manageable, practical, and something I'll stick with, which is so important.  What do you do in your classroom to practice sight words and how has it been working?  I'd love to get even more ideas to use!

Check back tomorrow for my Monday Made It.  It has something to do with sight words too!

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