A Day in My Shoes

Ruby Red Slippers

Here are the sandals that I'm rockin almost everyday this summer:
Womens Montego Bay ClubWomen's Popstar Embellished Gladiator Sandal
I love payless shoes for the summer!

So here's a typical day in my shoes during the school year:
5:45 am--Alarm goes off; turn on the TV to catch Sports Center
6:00 am--Get in the shower; get dressed
6:45 am--Lauryn gets up.  We read a story or 2
7:00 am --Breakfast
7:15 am--Leave for school
7:35 am--Get to school; chat with friends; get ready for the day
7:50 am--Morning duty (depends on the week)
8:05 am--School starts.  Morning Work
8:45 am--Social Studies/Science (I love that we start with the content areas)
9:30 am--Reading Comprehension (We use expository text to teach reading comp so these flow together very well)
10:15 am--DEAR time
10:35 am--Recess
10:55 am--Language Arts
11:40 am--Lunch
12:25 pm--Math
1:30 pm--Agenda
2:00 pm--Recess
2:15 pm--Read Aloud
2:30 pm--Writing
3:00 pm--Clean up/prepare for dismissal
3:15 pm--Dismissal; Afternoon duty depending on the week; work in my room
4:30 pm--Leave to pick up Lauryn
4:45 pm--Pick up Lauryn
5:00 pm--Play at home/cook dinner
6:00 pm--Dinner
6:30 pm--Play with Lauryn
7:00 pm--Bath time
7:30 pm--Play, books, computers
8:00 pm--Lauryn goes to bed
8-10 pm--Blog, Pinterest, Watch TV
10:00 pm--Go to sleep

My day seems so long typed out!

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  1. Sounds like a very busy day in your shoes! Thank you for commenting on my Sterlite Drawer post - I'm so glad you did because now I discovered your blog. I'm your newest follower!

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