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Last summer I started reading up on Whole Brain Teaching.  I was able to implement the 5 classroom rules and gestures, Class-Yes, Hands & Eyes, and Teach-Ok (I blogged about my initial adventures HERE).
One of my go to blogs for WBT is Stephanie at 3rd Grade Thoughts.  She posted this great video of Coach B explaining the Super Improvers Wall.  After watching this video I was blown away.  I love how it utilizes motivation for beating a personal best in all aspects of the classroom.  My head is already spinning with ideas for using this in conjunction with Class Dojo and as a way to push my kids to improve in academics.

I started the year using SuperSpeed Math but unfortunately I wasn't consistent in using it.  With the SIW, I'll be able to tie in AR points, ST Math, and HFW as well.  The possiblities seem endless!

So after watching the video I went to Pinterest to find some examples of the SIW.  I love the examples of people integrating their classroom theme into the 10 levels.  Since I want to integrate my sports theme more I knew I needed to do this.  Inspired by this pin:

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I created my levels: rookie, phenom, starter, leader, captain, star, mvp, superstar, hall of fame, living legend.  I love that it ties into my sports theme!  Here are my levels that I created:


Since the whole premise is about personal best and racing yourself (which I love!), I made a little certificate to go home when students move levels.  

What I'm thinking of doing is creating smaller versions of the header cards that I can use to put the stars on. Once they get the 10 stars, I'll attach it to the certificate so their parents can see it then give them the next level. As for the actual display in the classroom, I'm thinking of just putting students' names on die cut stars that correspond with the color of the header.

If you've used or are using the SIW, I'd love to hear how it's working for you.  I'm so glad to be able to spend the summer learning more about WBT in general!

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