June Currently

I know I'm breaking bloggy rules by double posting today, but I figure since it's for Farley's Currently it's ok!

Listening: I played softball in college, but never made it to the World Series, so I love watching it each year!
Loving: 2 more weeks of school for me!
Thinking: It was in the mid-90's today which means it's time to be home hanging out.
Wanting: I love Chick-fil-a's lemonade and a nice cold glass of it sounds great right now!
Needing: Even though it's the end of the year I have an evaluation on Tuesday that I need to get ready for.
Vacay essentials: I don't go on long vacations without books, sunglasses, and a place to keep my refreshments!
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  1. Sounds like what I take on a vacation! I can't believe you hit 90 today. Minnesota only got to 67.
    Polka Dot Kinders

  2. 90 degree weather? I was celebrating that we got back in the 60s today! I have 2 weeks left of school, too. I can't believe you have an evaluation so late in the school year. I hope the kids are on their best behavior and your lesson goes smoothly!
    Stories by Storie

  3. I broke the double posting rule too but it was worth it! It was 90 degree weather for me too and I just wanted to stay inside with AC all day.

    The Polished Teacher

  4. Best of luck with the observation! It was hot here today. I guess summer has arrived :)
    My Second Sense

  5. We've been slightly cooler here in the lower 80s--still hot and summery but not too hot! Enjoy your summer!


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