June goals

I love having a plan to look forward to so I'm linking up with Jess from I {Heart} Recess for her monthly goals linky.  Here are my June goals:
Personal: One of my goals is to do something for me at least once a week.  It might be as small as reading a trashy magazine, watching a movie, or as big as a spa day.  I realize that I need to make sure I'm treating myself while I'm taking care of others.
Family: I was blessed to receive Disney passes and gift cards this year so I want to make sure I use them.  My daughter loves Sea World so we'll make the drive down to San Diego a couple of times this summer.
Health: I've done WW before but need to stick with it and embrace that it is a lifestyle and I need to keep working the principles on a daily basis.  This is where I think Sparkpeople will help.
School:  I still have 2 weeks left, but once things are done, I need to purge and organize!  I'm finishing up my 9th year so I know I have things that I can get rid of to reduce the clutter.
Blog/TpT: Like so many others, I want to maintain a consistent blogging life as well as create more resources for TpT.
Read: My goal is to read the entire Bible this year and so far I'm on track.  I'm loving my Bible app on my phone so I can read anywhere!


  1. I'm really bad about not doing anything for myself, but Saturday, I went and got a spa pedicure, it was fantastic.

    I'm also hoping to get healthier this summer and hopefully lose some weight in the process. ;P

    It sounds like you have a wonderful summer planned.

    I'm Not Your Grandpa, I'm Your Teacher

  2. Good for you for recognizing how important it is to treat yourself to some personal time. I think that's so hard to do! I love using Sparkpeople :)

    It sounds like you have great plans for the summer! Enjoy :)

    Read With Me ABC

  3. Weight Watchers is the way to go! It is hard sticking to any type of eating program...good luck in your journey.
    I love the idea of "you" time..I may need to try that.
    Enjoy your summer.


  4. Brandi,
    I found you on Jess' June linky. I'm always on the look-out for good 2nd grade blogs, so it was nice to find you. I especially like your June reading goal. Come by and visit my blog.



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