Ray of Sunshine {FREEBIE}

Has the end of the year craziness set in for you?  If you're already on your summer vacation I might be just a tad jealous!  We have 2 weeks left and the kiddos (and I) are ready for summer! 
Since my eyes are on the prize of summer, I whipped up this little motivational frame for my students.  I put 2 out on different students' desks each day.  It's a little way to brighten up their day for brightening up our classroom!  Each frame is 4x6.  Click on the picture to snag it for yourself!

fonts: Kevin and Amanda
digital paper: I teach what's your super power?


  1. Thanks so much for posting this freebie, Brandi. I can use it next year (I'm out already.) as an end of the year treat. Or I can also use as a kind-behavior reward. I'll attach a card and a silly straw to a packet of Sunny D. Have a sunny day!!



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