WBT Book Club: Chapter 3

This summer I will be participating in Whole Brain Teaching's Book Club. If you would like to participate, you can get more information {HERE}. My post today is a reflection on Chapter 3 with the directions/assignments coming directly from the book club. I'd love to read your comments and feedback!


Reflections on Chapter 3:
Directions: Pick two of the errors described in Chapter 3, pages 9-13, of "Whole Brain Teaching for Challenging Kids" and write yourself a letter of advice about how you're going to avoid these mistakes in the coming year. Include one or two useful quotes from the chapter.

Dear Brandi,
You've been there before.  Tired and frustrated at the end of the day.  You look back and wonder what happened.  Then you realize, "I made the same mistakes again". 

Now that you're utilizing Whole Brain Teaching in its entirety, there are some mistakes you won't be making this year.  Coach B has taught you that the options are simple--grow or die!  You've taken steps in the right direction to do this.  You've continued to grow by blogging and creating.  Every day that you read, reflect, comment, and post, you're learning.  The more you learn, the better prepared you will be and the more you'll be like the teacher you want to be and know you can be.  This new online community has also led you to fall in love with teaching again.  The excitement you had 10 years ago is back armed with knowledge and determination!

Another thing to remember is the importance of organization.  You love things to look neat and organized, but remember to have things be functionally organized too.  As Coach B said, "The less class structure you have, the less structured your classes will be."  You don't want that.  Remember to review rules and expectations daily!  Using the gestures you've learned makes this fun for you and the kids.

Along with this organization comes preparation.  You don't like the feeling of not being prepared.  Remember that you need to put in the work, but you also need balance.  Work hard all year to keep this in mind.

You can and will do it!


  1. You are right, Brandi. It is so easy to make the same mistakes over and over again! If we do not grow and change, we fall into the same trap and risk being an unhappy teacher! I am so excited to be on this WBT journey and so excited to have other bloggers like you to cheer each other on! :)
    Whole Brain Teaching With Style

  2. Great letter to yourself!! I just started reading the book. I implemented some of the WBT techniques last year. I look forward to doing more of them next year.



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