Optimum Organization: Highlight your name

I love organization!  Now that school's out I'm super excited to be linking up with Kristen and Elizabeth for

One of the things that I made last summer was the "highlight your name" bucket.  I blogged about it {HERE}.
It made such a difference in cutting down on no name papers.  Students loved highlighting their name and I didn't have to track them down to see who had turned in an assignment.  It was such a simple fix to a problem that I hated!
It was also a cheap project--the bucket is from the dollar spot at Target and the label is a FREEBIE from Teaching in Flip Flops.
So, there's one of the organizational tools I used this year that worked.  Now I have a question for all of my bloggy friends--I'm looking to binderize this summer.  If you've done this, how did you choose your binder titles....did you do common core strands or individual standards?  I currently have everything in file folders by standard and if I did binders for each standard---that's a lot of binders!  But if I just do strands, I'll have huge binders that I won't be able to transport easily.  What should an organized teacher do?

With my question out of the way, go ahead and grab a notepad, some fun pens and a cool summer drink!  Let's get ready for a summer of organization!  I love it!


  1. I made the highlighter basket and didn't use it effectively last year (because I never really introduced it properly). Thanks for this reminder about it. I think I'll give it a better try next year. Thanks for linking up with us! To answer your question about the binders: I think that it depends on the strand. For example, my number and operations-fractions binder would be way larger than my geometry binder because I have more resources for that strand. I'd look first at how much you think you would have for the binder and go from there. Hope this helps a little :)

    Fun in Room 4B

  2. I did this with my 4th graders this year. It cut down on no name papers tremendously. I am glad to know 2nd graders can do it, too.


  3. I love the idea of having student's highlight their name to turn in work! Does it take them very long to do this each time they turn in something?


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