Monday Made It--End of Year Gifts

I'm so excited to start linking back up with Tara for her weekly Monday Made It.  When I started blogging last year I was so inspired and got so creative making projects for the classroom and my home. I can't wait to do the same this summer!

Friday was the last day of school for the kids so I put together their end of the year gifts.  I made similar gifts last year that you can read about {HERE}
Here's what I made my kiddos this year:
The tags are a FREE download from A Cupcake from the Teacher.
I also bought bubbles from the Dollar Tree and attached a cute little tag from Carrie at Table Talk with C and C:
I put the bubbles and krazy straw into these owl bags that a coworker got me:
Then I whipped up this little tag to put on the back letting them know they're 3rd graders now!
You can put up the tag for FREE at my TpT store {HERE}
And the finished product:
My daughter's last day of preschool was the 7th so I was a little behind in making her teachers their end of the year gifts.  I saw this cute gift on Pinterest:
And decided I wanted to make these for her teachers.  I picked up some containers at the Dollar Tree and filled them with M&M's.  Then I attached some ribbon and this adorable M&M poem that you can download {HERE}
.  Simple yet sweet!
My to do list for Monday Made It projects keeps growing!  Make sure you stop by for ideas and inspiration!


  1. I made Payton's day care teachers the same gift! They loved it!!
    Third Grade Tidbits

    Oh PS we never chose a winner from our April Whats working wed.... I can't do it because you made the rafflecopter. OOps!!

  2. Those are such cute gifts! I'm sure your students loved them!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. I'm your newest follower!

    A Place to Thrive

  3. Such great ideas! Thanks for sharing! I will have to remember them for next year!

    An Apple a Day in First Grade

  4. I bet your kids loved their parting gifts! Love the owls! I just found your blog through the linky and am glad I did. I am your newest follower!

    All the best to you as your summer unfolds--
    Sarah @ Hoots N Hollers


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