WBT Book Club: Chapter 6

This summer I will be participating in Whole Brain Teaching's Book Club. If you would like to participate, you can get more information {HERE}. My post today is a reflection on Chapter 6 with the directions/assignments coming directly from the book club. I'd love to read your comments and feedback!
You can read my previous reflections here:

Reflections on Chapter 6:
Directions: 10 variations on Class-Yes.
Here are some new variations on WBT's Class-Yes attention getter:
1. Hook 'em Horns Class---Hook 'em Horns Yes (or any university)
2. Let's go class (clap each word)---Let's go yes (clap each word)
3. Here we go class, here we go (clap, clap)---Here we go yes, here we go (clap, clap)
4. Where my class at (snap)---Where my yes at (snap)
5. Second (or your grade) is the best class---Second is the best yes
6. Class is ready to rock---Yes we're ready to roll
7. Class full of Champions (or your mascot)---Yes we are Champions
8. 4 x 2 = what class---4 x 2 = 8 yes (can use any math fact)
9. Focus, focus class, class---focus, focus yes, yes
10. Class, class give me a noun (or any part of speech)---yes, yes here's a ______ (kids say the requested part of speech)
11. Hey, hey, hey class---Hey, hey, hey yes
12. Class we are ready---Yes we are ready
13. Go, fight, win class---Go, fight, win yes
14. You are the best class---We are the best yes
15. Students, students class, class---Teacher, teacher yes, yes

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  1. Love all these ideas for class/yes. I love the variety. The kids will like it too and it will keep them on their toes. Maybe I could do I or 2 a month to keep things exciting. Thanks for all the ideas.


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