WBT Book Club: Chapter 5

This summer I will be participating in Whole Brain Teaching's Book Club. If you would like to participate, you can get more information {HERE}. My post today is a reflection on Chapter 4 with the directions/assignments coming directly from the book club. I'd love to read your comments and feedback!
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Reflections on Chapter 5:
Directions: Thinking about your own teaching tendencies, which brain areas are you most likely, and least likely, to activate in your students.
I am getting ready to begin my tenth year of teaching. Looking back, I can see that I have not done a good job of activating my students' whole brains. I often focused on Broca's area (speaking) and Wernicke's area (hearing and understanding language). In the past two years I have activated my students' visual cortex more by having my students take notes using pictures and words.
The areas that I have been least likely to activate are the prefrontal cortex and motor cortex. Unfortunately, these are two of the more important areas of the brain. Having more of an understanding of the brain and Whole Brain Teaching strategies, I have plans to increase my activation of these areas.
To increase prefrontal cortex activity, I want to give students more control over their learning. Simple ways to do this include using more menus in the classroom where students can choose which activities to complete for different standards. I have also revamped my reading logs to get away from answering questions to a tic tac toe format where students can choose to complete different activities each night.
To increase motor cortex activity, I will be using more gestures in the classroom. Using Teach-Ok and Mirror strategies will allow me to do this. I also need to remember to cut down on my talking in order to have students rehearse more. By fully utilizing WBT strategies, I will be able to teach my standards in a fun, engaging way that activates the entire brain and will lead to great student success.


  1. Hi Brandi,
    I love your posts about WBT. I love that it is getting so much exposure! I tell every teacher I know about WBT. Ha.
    I am familiar with WBT. I have been using it in my classroom for 5 years now. I am sold on WBT and love it. I often refer to Chris Biffle's website and use many, if not all, of his ideas. What I am wondering is... Do I need to buy the book? It seems like a lot of the book is what he already has on the website and his video clips. Have you found it helpful to have the book? Just wondering.

  2. Certainly food for thought! Im heading over to the website. Thanks!

    Sending Tons of Teacher Love Your Way,


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