Let's Get Acquainted and Facebook reminder

Today I'm linking up with Latoya for her Let's Get Acquainted Linky Party!  This week's topic is advice to new teachers.
Here's my advice:
Comfortable shoes.  When I first started teaching I was 22 and wanted to look older professional so I wore dressy heels every day.  My background is in softball, so this was so uncomfortable for me!  There are so many cute, comfortable shoes that I now wear.  Remember, you'll be on your feet most of the day!
Over plan.  I still do this now going into my 10th year.  I find that it's better to be prepared then to sit with rowdy angelic children in front of you with nothing to do.
Be afraid to ask questions.  Veteran teachers don't know everything and no one expects you to.  Find someone you're comfortable with to go to when you need a little direction.
A friend on your staff.  You don't need to become besties with everyone, but you will need someone to talk to, vent, cry, and laugh with.
Time for yourself.  Teaching can be consuming, but you need to remember you are a person in addition to being Mr./Ms./Mrs. Teacher.  Take care of yourself so you can be your best for your kids.
Open minded.  You've learned a lot of stuff in classes and have visions of how your year will go.  Just remember to have an open mind.  Change is okay.  If you have to scrap your classroom management plans midyear multiple times, do it.  Find what works for you!
And don't forget that today is the last day for the 2nd grade facebook freebie hop!


  1. Hi! Found you through the link up! Have you tried the Dansko shoes? You won't win a fashion contest but you always won't need to contact your local podiatrist when the year is over :-) There are a little bit of an investment but they last! Have a good day.

    Kruzin Through Kinder

  2. Hey! I am your 400th follower :o)Happy Blogging!

  3. These were some wonderful tips! :) Thanks so much!:) It's also my first time visiting your space here in 'bloggy-world'! I remember when I first started teaching...I wore pumps every day too...but now...who needs that! :) I wear comfies too! I totally need to be better at making time for myself...so, thanks for the reminder! :)
    Great to meetcha! :)
    Have a wonderful rest of your summer!

    Mrs.Russell's Room
    First Grade

  4. Hi,
    Found you through the linky! Such sound advice for the novice and experienced!! I am now following you!!
    Ms. Jones’ Junction

  5. Great advice on the shoes! I buy the same pair of flats a couple times a year and wear them every day. No style I guess, but comfortable!

    Literacy Spark

  6. Wonderful advice. In my first year, I forgot to take time for myself. I wouldn't have made it through without the encouragement of my work friends. I'd add having a back up plan to this list. Teach the kids a few activities early in the year that can be pulled out whenever there is extra time or unexpected interruptions.


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