Optimum Organization: Planning Pages

My last few link ups with Kristen and Elizabeth have focused on paper organization.  Today I'm sharing how I organized and planned last year.

Last year I created a template in Word for my planning pages
click here to download a free template from my TpT store

This worked well for me because I didn't have to rewrite our specialist classes or weekly homework assignments/activities that are consistent.  Now that the year is over, I've taken these pages out of my teacher binder and had them bound.

Quick cover I made.  Since this is just for reference, I didn't laminate it or get the cover that Staples offers.

2 page spread.  The images are recurring things (specialists, assemblies, etc) that occur weekly.

A close up view of the first page.
All of my plans from last year are now organized in one place and I can easily look back and begin planning for this year!


  1. I like that! Last year, my lesson plans ended up all over the place. I kept thinking I needed to put them in one file, but I never did. Does it cost much to have them bound?
    I'm Not Your Grandpa, I'm Your Teacher

  2. I am super impressed by your lesson plan organization. I love how they are typed, colorful, and easy to read. This year I will be out on maternity leave and was trying to find a simple, easy, yet understandable way to organize my week for a sub to see (and understand). Thank you for sharing the template on TPT. I downloaded it and can't wait to tweak it to fit my schedule for this upcoming school year!

    Random question - how did you change the sizes or locations of your boxes for each subject or special throughout the day? I noticed some are bigger or smaller depending on the time of day they occur.

    Thanks again!

    Elementary School Garden

  3. That is a genius idea! Last year we had to use an online lesson plan program that I hated. I felt like I was only typing it up for the administrators since I couldn't print it out easily to use daily. I will definitely be checking out your template. Thanks!

  4. I love your plan template! So colorful and easy to read/follow. I need to bind my plans from last year. That would make it easier to manage than the big binder they are in right now. Thanks for linking up with us :)
    Fun in Room 4B

  5. I love the idea of a lesson plan book, but I always wind up using a word document template where I can type in my lesson plans. I bought an erin condren planer last year & didn't even use it :( I'm determined to use it this year for quick written plans as I set up daily, something that even a sub could use. However, my school requires us to submit our lesson plans online so I'll be typing up my plans to file online as well.


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