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One of the things that I tried this year was Class Dojo.  I blogged about it previously {HERE}.  If you're unfamiliar with Class Dojo, it's an online, real-time management tool.  Here's what I loved about it:
  • It allowed me to track specific behaviors.  It allows you to put in whatever behaviors---good or bad----that you want to track.  This worked well for my kids that I had on behavior plans.  I could put in their specific goals and track them.
  • There are also apps for Android and iPad so I was able to monitor behavior on the go.
  • It allows you to email parents a report of their child's behaviors.  My parents loved this.  When their behavior grade went down (we give a letter grade and a behavior award every trimester so I have to have data to support their grade).
Those are just a few of the things that I loved about it.  I set up rewards based on the number of points my kiddos had earned.  For every ten points they got a different reward.  This year I'm going to continue this, but will add in  the awesome rewards coupons from Mel D!  I'm excited to offer more intrinsic rewards that are free!
One of my "concerns" is using this in conjunction with WBT's scoreboard.  Any advice on how to make them both work?  I love that the Scoreboard is for the whole class and adds funtricity to the classroom.  But like I said before I need to have data for behavior grades and awards and I love how easy Class Dojo makes it.  Any tips?


  1. I loved the idea of Class Dojo, but I found it difficult to use effectively. How often did you record positive and negatives on Class Dojo? I felt like I was constantly using it in the classroom and didn't have time for anything else. I went back to using the clip chart because it didn't require me to carry the iPad around all day. When I used class scoreboard, I told the students that if it was only one student who was misbehaving, he or she would clip down on the clip chart, but if it was a group of students misbehaving, I would mark a point on the sad face side of the scoreboard. This is also how I gave points for positive behavior.

  2. You can create multiple "classes" in class dojo- so you could create one class with only two students - name them class and teacher or happy face/sad face and then just click on them as you would the score board.

    I only use class dojo to assign points when I'm with a small group, and its only positive points with those kids I'm with. So if we're in reading group together and they used a strategy without prompting, they could get a point, or they made a great connection - point. Math group, I give them points for taking a risk, trying a new strategy, etc.

    I choose to just focus on the small group, because that's where I want my attention to be. And that way as well, my promethean board can be doing other things during centers and I can just click off on my iPad. And I don't use the negative points feature at all. That's just my thing.

    The Meek Moose

  3. Hi Brandi! OMG I used Class DOJO too and I LOVED it!It was a great visual for my kids and it was a perfect way to track our behaviors in our data notebooks. Love, love, love!

    Teachin Little Texans

  4. That's a really good question! I need to familiarize myself with Class Dojo. It sounds pretty cool! I don't have an iPad in my classroom. Could I use my iPhone? Checking it out...

    First Grade Follies

  5. I have used DOJO for two years now...I love how it collects data. I don't love how much time it takes. It felt like I was ALWAYS trying to figure out points--good and bad. Then, I had "certain students" who were ALWAYS asking about the points--can we see the points? How many points do I have? I am just about to give it up for next year. Then, I had one student who was more than likely one of the only ones with minuses at the end of the day. It didn't help his behavior--I almost wonder if it made it worse. It's just too much. I think I'm going to switch to Super Improvers Wall with WBT instead.

  6. I began using Class Dojo at the end of the year last year. It worked well and I offered trade in Dojo Points days with reward coupons that didn't cost anything (lunch with teacher, homework pass, skip place in line, etc.). I don't know if I could keep it up all year though (found it time consuming) and didn't send reports to parents. I still would like to use it next year but don't know if I will start the year with it. Thanks so much for linking up, Brandi!!
    Fourth Grade Flipper


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