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Hey everyone!  I'm linking up again with Elizabeth and Kristen for another week of Optimum Organization!
My tip this week is something new I'm using to help keep me organized this year.  I bought myself a Thirty-One organizing utility tote!

I love how it looks and there are so many pockets!  So far I have my favorite pens and highlighters in the front pocket.
erasable gel pens

erasable highlighters
I also bought an open top file box to put inside for hanging folders.  I found these bright colored ones from Wal-Mart.  I haven't labeled them yet (I've mostly sat admiring the bag!).
I did put my planner in the front and my Franklin-Covey personal planner in the back.
There are also some other things that I need to prep in the folders (hopefully for a Monday Made It soon).  My house is being fumigated this week so I've packed up to take some work with me.
I'm hoping that this bag will help keep my school life orgainzed as I go back and forth from home to work.  And if it doesn't work, at least it's cute right?


  1. That bag is TOOO cute! I love that pattern! I think it is so neat to have the open top file box in there! I have this same bag and if it's not full, it kinda deflates! So...that totally fixes the problem! Great ideas! Thanks!

    Teaching with Twins!!

  2. That 31 bag is the ultimate teacher organization tool! I have a fat binder...otherwise I will add the file folder box.
    My Second Sense

  3. I have this bag-in black because I'm boring-and I love it. This is my second one...first one was showing some wear and tear after two years because i use it so much. We call it my teacher bag at my house. :-)


    Teaching Little Miracles

  4. I loooooove my organizing tote. :) I have been meaning to get a file box in there for a while--must do! It was so funny this year, because the teacher across the hall from me had the exact same tote as me...thank goodness for monograms! :)

    Teach On.

  5. How do you order these? I want one but I couldn't figure out how to order it online w/o going through all the host madness. Also, can you still fit a lap top in there if you get the file organizer? I carry mine EVERYWHERE!

  6. @Miss Hardeman

    What kind of laptop Miss Hardeman? I can fit my MacBook in my filebox. I put a 31 Fold N File in my newest one and could fit the laptop in behind that without a problem! I can help you order if you would like as well. My email is jennyg3299@gmail.com.

  7. I have one too in that same pattern! Can't wait to use it this school year!

  8. I just purchased my 3rd organizing utility tote. Besides being so cute, they have been very durable. I like your idea of the open top file box to help keep folders upright.
    Thanks for sharing!

  9. @Polly @ Teaching with Twins!
    Hi Polly! Thanks for stopping by! I love the bag and am itching to order more!

  10. @Miss Hardeman
    Thanks for stopping by! I ordered mine from a parent at my school that is a consultant. I think you have to order through a consultant. It should fit a laptop with the organizer. Hope this helps!

  11. @Mel R. I love this pattern! I'm thinking of ordering the inside out tote in this pattern as well!

  12. I have a 31 bag too! I thought about putting the plastic organizer in mine, but it just didn't work for me! Glad yours does!

    Ginger Snaps

  13. I love 31 bags, and that one looks awesome!

  14. I also have one of those! :)
    thanks for linking up!
    ♥ Jen
    Teacher by the Beach

  15. I have one of these too. Have you seen the zip top ones?
    Kovescence of the Mind

  16. I love this bag! I love all of my Thirty-One! You can purchase a "Fold N File" that is a file box to fit inside this tote. It fits perfectly and can come in similar prints to the bags!
    Elementary Times


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