Next Step in Guided Reading Book Study: Chapter 2

This week we'll be talking about Chapter 2 from Richardson's book (If you missed my thoughts on chapter 1 you can read them HERE).  This chapter is all about assessment and grouping.  Our host for this week is Jennifer from Rowdy in First Grade:
Rowdy in First Grade
Make sure you stop by to check out her post and get a great freebie!  Also, you can see everyone's thoughts on this chapter by checking out the links at the bottom of this post.

Here are the 5 questions again that will be guiding our reflections:
  1. What part of the reading caught your attention?
  2. How do you already incorporate this into your guided reading routine?
  3. What is something new you want to try next year?  How do you want to make your guided reading time better or what new things do you want to try?
  4. What are some resources that you already have that you can use to teach what you read about in this chapter/section?
  5. What are some new resources that you want to get or try to use to teach what you read about in this chapter/section?
Chapter 2 presents information on how to assess and group your students for guided reading.  Richardson discuss different assessments for different readers.

1. What caught my attention most from this chapter was the section on analyzing a running record.  It is so important to determine what kinds of mistakes students are making.  By specifically determining if their errors are part of the meaning, structural, or visual system, we as educators are better able to target instruction to meet their needs.

2. We use the DRA to assess students 3 times a year.  I use this as my formal assessment, but take running records more regularly.  I was not completely consistent with taking running records on my kids, and want to commit to taking them about once a week for each student in my class.

3. Something new that I want to try next year is keeping better anecdotal records of my students during our guided reading time.  To help with this, I created these labels that I plan to have on a clipboard during guided reading.  As I'm listening to students, I plan to complete these then put them in my assessment notebook.
 I made these to fit on 2 x 4 inch labels and there are 10 labels on a page.  (On a side note, I learned about a site called Online Labels that you can use to order a ton of labels for a great price.  I plan to order these labels later in the summer). If you would like to use these, you can click on the picture and download them from Google Drive.

4. A lot of the resources that I use to help with my organization when I'm assessing come from the fabulous Rachelle at What the Teacher Wants. Click on the image below to head over to her post which is full of freebies.
image from What the Teacher Wants
How do you assess and group for guided reading?  Make sure to stop by these fabulous blogs to read their thoughts and possibly snag a few freebies!
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