What's Workin' Wednesday: Organization

For this week's What's Workin' Wednesday (I know it's a day late, but who was gonna read about organization on Halloween), I thought I'd talk a little bit about organization.  I love being organized......I'm a logical-mathematical person so I guess it just comes with the territory.
Anyhow, although I super heart organization, in my classroom, I have the bad habit of putting papers everywhere and just letting things pile up.  This summer I decided to do something about that, so after a little blog hopping, I stumbled on this post from Kristen at Ladybug Teacher Files on daily materials organization.
I fell in love instantly!  I went out and bought the same box from Staples and used some hanging file folders I had.  Kristen even has the label on her blog that you can print for free!
Like her, I kept mine color coded, so each day has a color.
I labeled my tabs Science/Social Studies, Spelling, Language Arts, Math, and Homework (instead of homework, Friday has a tab labeled Next Week).
This has been a lifesaver for me!  I'm blessed to have a Room Mom who can copy anything in a flash, so now I have a place to put it all.  It's also made it easier for my sub plans, because everything is in one place!
This is a system that is definitely working for me!  How do you organize your daily materials.....what's working for you?


  1. I use 2 sets of the Sterlite 12x12 drawers. I prefer my papers to lie (lay?) flat. Since I only teach two content areas, this works well for me. The only thing that I don't like about them is that they take up a lot of counter space, although I can put things on top of them.

    For the first thirteen years of my career, ie. before I found Pinterest, I used folders for each day. That worked well, too, but they were starting to tear.

    Fifth in the Middle


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