Worship Wednesday {2/25/15}

Have you been shopping yet?  I've already shopped for round 1 and will finish up with round 2 tonight!
Right now, I'm back to link up with Beth for Worship Wednesday.  This linky provides a great mid-week spiritual pick up.
My church gives a quarterly devotional book.  The new one starts in March and I picked it up on Sunday.  While I was flipping through it, the devotion for April 11th stood out to me.

The scripture text is "Owe nothing to anyone--except for your obligation to love one another." Romans 13:8

This is speaking to me right now because I am working hard to pay off my car.  I no longer want to have debt, and thanks to Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace, I have been setting up my budget every month and living on cash.  I'm hoping to have my car paid off this year so I can save up to buy a house.

The devotion ends with this: "True contentment doesn't come from getting all you want, but by discovering the blessings you have been given and learning to enjoy them."  This is something I'm working to do every day.

Have a blessed day!

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