Valentine's Day Fun

I know this post is late, but I wanted to share a few pictures of what we did for Valentine's Day.
We started by using Jenny K's Pop Art to come up with all of the things that we love.
Next we wrote compliments for each person in the class.  We cut those strips and passed them out. Students ended up with 22 things that their friends like and admire about them.
This was a very powerful activity for many of my students who don't always hear nice things about them.  The smiles on their faces as they were pulling them out of the bag was heart-warming.
Next we decorated our Valentine's Day goodie bags:
I didn't take pictures of our celebration, which was fairly low-key, but I passed out these postcards that I made at Vistaprint.  I love that I have them all ready to go each year since I bought 100!

How did you celebrate in the classroom?

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