Slim Down Saturday {Jan. 10}

I'm linking up with Gina again for Slim Down Saturdays.
I was disappointed when I got on the scale this morning, but I realize that this is a journey and there will be bumps along the way.  It took me a while to gain this weight and I'm not going to lose it all in a week.  Like my quote says, I'm disappointed but won't get anywhere if I just give up.  And, in the grand scheme of things .6 isn't too bad.

Despite the gain, I am excited to say that I followed my work out plan all week!  I did PiYo in the morning and my Leslie Sansone walking in the evenings.  I love that both of these fit into my schedule.  I find it hard to carve out an hour at the end of the day to work out, but 30 minutes in the morning and 30 minutes in the evening is doable!

Unfortunately, my eating wasn't on point.  I did good with writing out my weekly plan, however I didn't stick to it once I got home from work.  My plan has me eating a meal around 3:30 pm when I get home and I need to make sure this meal is prepped and ready to go.  I also need to do better with my snacks and come up with more protein filled snacks.  Any ideas?


  1. I am AWFUL with meal planning and sticking to it. THe problem I have is that no part of me wants to cook or anything when I get home from work. My friend and I talked about doing all the cooking and prepping on Sundays so that all you have to do is warm the food up during the week. Kinda like eating leftovers I guess, but it might work. Once I have enough recipes that I like, I think I will try that. Way to go on the working out every day though! I didn't workout once. Yikes! Good luck this week!


  2. Great job on working out every day! I like to eat cut up veggies and hummus for my after school snack. I prep at least 3 days of snacks and have them ready in the fridge so I'm not tempted to grab something unhealthy. A yogurt with some fruit is also a good source of protein. I also like making lettuce wraps with a few slices of deli meat turkey and a low-calorie spread like mustard or hummus. Good luck this week!

  3. I love Leslie Sansone's videos! It's been too cold for me to want to venture to the gym, but because of her, I've still been able to get my exercise in. Good luck this week! You can do it! :)

    Techie Turtle Teacher

  4. Way to go on working out each day! You are right....this is a journey. Don't let yourself get discouraged and focus on the positives! You are awesome!!!

  5. I am so glad to find your blog. You are doing so well. Keep it up. I have several Leslie Sansone DVDs. She is great. Galatians 6:9 is a great verse to remember as a teacher and a weight watcher.

  6. You quote for the week is so perfect, and you are absolutely right we did not gain all our weight overnight and so we shouldn't expect to loose it overnight either. The body actually sometimes holds on to weight when we start new routines, like exercising everyday. It wants to hold on to the "stores" because ti doesn't recognize this new pattern. Good for you for working out all week. By staying with it I know you will start to see changes. You may want to take measurements too. Often times when we workout we can see a bigger change in inches loss than pounds on the scale. I will say, I have heard that weight loss is 80% diet. I keep hard boiled eggs as a quick snack for protein. Also a slice of good quality turkey lunch meat, with no nitrates, I like Apple Gate brand, is a good protein snack, or even a small hand full of almonds. Good luck this week, I know you can do it!


  7. Oh man...I needed this linky. I'm so joining in! I've been working at it for a while, but this would keep you honest. I know your weight fluctuates by that much depending on the time of day. Try not to get discouraged and just keep at it. You can do it!


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