Sunday Scoop {Jan. 4}

I go back to work tomorrow so I thought I'd link up with the Teaching Trio for Sunday Scoop.

Now that break is over, I need to get into planning mode!  I should have done a better job of planning before break, but since I didn't, I'm wrapping up my plans right now.  When I finish this, I will meal prep for the week using the Shred plan.  Hopefully the Cowboys will turn it around in the second half and come back then I can work out after the game.  I just started PiYo and am loving it.  Have you done it?

I'm hoping to plan my outfits for the week.  A few years ago I was so good at this, but have let it slip.  I figure the new year is a great time to get organized again.  I really only have to plan 4 days worth of outfits since Friday is spirit day.  When I do get back into my classroom, I really need to organize my teacher desk.  It's a hot mess right now!

Finally, I'm happy to always cuddle with my daughter. We've had a lot of cuddle time during the break and I'm sad to see that go!

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  1. How did things already get piled up on my desk after only 2 days at work?! It was so tidy on Sunday! I could never plan outfits for the week, I am way too indecisive and end up changing my mind between the evening and the next morning!
    Hope you got plenty of cuddles :)
    Mme Gauthier's French Class


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