The Story Behind My Logo

I'm linking up with Art with Jenny K. to share...
When I started blogging, I was teaching 2nd grade (which I thought I would do forever) so I named my blog Success in Second Grade.  After attempting to make my own button and do my own design, I went with a premade design that I loved:
It was bright and I loved the stars.  The problem was there were at least 3 other bloggers with that same design and one of them is a very well known blogger.  At that point I decided to save up to get a custom design.  When I thought of what I wanted to have in my design, I knew that I wanted to incorporate my love of sports and softball in particular since I played from the age of 7 through college.  
I also knew that it wasn't guaranteed that I would teach 2nd grade forever so major changes were going to have to be made to the blog.  I ended up getting a custom avatar from Shawnna from Lovelytocu on Etsy.  She has tons of premade avatars and was so fast in getting me this custom one.  I decided to have the avatar hold a bat to represent softball and books and an apple for the teacher.  Megan from A Bird in Hand Designs did the rest of putting it all together with colors that I love and here's the result:

Make sure you stop by and link up.  I'd love to learn the story behind your logo!


  1. Ha! I found out the hard way that grade assignments aren't guaranteed. I was moved from fifth to second with two weeks notice. What a shock that was. Thanks for sharing!
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  2. I loved reading about the metamorphosis of your blog and logo. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Hi Brandi! We have something in common....Megan did my blog design, too. Love her! Your avatar is adorable and your idea for incorporating your love of softball into your design was genius! I am your newest follower!


  4. I Just LOVE your story---what a great evolution your logo went through. I really like how you incorporated your love of sports into your logo to make it personal! Thank you for linking up!!!

  5. I love how you incorporated your talents and passions into your name :)


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