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Tomorrow Now is the big day!  My cart is loaded and I'm ready to go for round 1.  I'm going to be strategic and make my big purchases first then use my TpT credits to save a little money on the smaller purchases (Remember to leave feedback to earn those credits).

Just in time for the sale, I've finished up 3 new products that my kiddos are loving!  First is Lucky Money:
 This is a set of activities to reinforce your money unit.  There are 24 task cards where students read and determine how much money a child has; 36 war cards; and a Spin and Total Game where students spin a spinner 6 times to determine how much money they will have.

Next up is a set of capitalization task cards:
This includes 2 sets of 20 task cards--the first set can be differentiated with the recording sheet.  Students can simply write the word that should be capitalized or you can choose the recording sheet where they write the word as well as why it needs to be capitalized.  The second set of cards has students rewrite the sentence with correct capitalization.  It also includes a poster with a reminder of capitalization rules.

The final item my kiddos are loving right now comes from my March Sentence Scramble:
This contains 8 different sentences (4 are St. Patrick's Day themed and 4 are reading themed) that students are to sort then unscramble.  My kiddos love this as part of their literacy work stations (I've even caught them making up their own scrambled sentences on Fun Friday!).

Well, I'm off to keep shopping!  Don't forget that my store will be on sale now through Sunday!

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