Peek at My Week--2/17/14

I love 4-day weeks!  An extra day at home with my daughter is always fun!  Here's what the kiddos and I will be up to this week:

We're beginning our measurement unit.  I plan to do a lot of hands on measuring activities, as well as using pages from Bright Concepts 4 Teacher's Interactive Math Notebook.

Language Arts:
We're reviewing story structure because my kiddos are struggling with being able to tell what happens at the beginning, middle, and end when they're retelling.

Social Studies:
We'll be hitting President's Day hard this week!  I'll be using this President's Day lapbook from Jamie Sears:
President's Day Lapbook

Jamie also has a free PowerPoint that gives all of the information you need to complete the lapbook.  You can check that out at her TpT store {HERE}.

I also plan to show my kids parts of this Scholastic video:

Word Study:
We're continuing to work on contractions and will  be using these great activities from Literary Spark:
Valentine Contractions ~ 4 Activities

Work Stations:
We finished our money unit last week so we'll be reviewing it in math work stations.  I'm working on some activities that I'm hoping to finish and post today that the kiddos will be able to use.

For literacy work stations, we're going to focus on summarizing using beginning, middle, and end.

Guided Reading:
I will be starting my guided reading groups this week as well.  I've read Jan Richardson's book and am excited to start this with my kiddos. 

I spent the last 2 weeks doing the DRA2 on my kiddos to get their levels since they hadn't been tested since the beginning of the year (I took over this class in January).  I have some work to do with a few groups, but it's great seeing what strategies they employ and figuring out what they need to become better readers!

I've been pinning like crazy to my Guided Reading board which you can check out {HERE}.  If you have a guided reading board leave the link so I can check it out!

Hope you have a great week!

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