Winter Facebook Frenzy Hop!

***Make sure you read to the end of the post for even more fun***

Get ready to HOP people!!  We have over 30 bloggers participating in this hop so you know there are going to be some fabulous free goodies!

So here is how this works...

Start by going to Tori's Teacher Tips' FACEBOOK page.
Click on the "FB HOP" button once you are there.  It looks like this:

Then you will see a whole list of bloggers.  Here is a snippet of what it looks like:

Start by clicking on the first button which will take you to Tori's freebie.  

Download, save, print, whatever you want to do with that freebie and then close out those windows.  You want to get back to the list of bloggers on her Facebook page.  Everything should open up into a new window to make it easier for you to get back to the "hop."

Make your way through all the bloggers as they will ALL have FAB stuff for you...for FREE!!!  
Each new FB page will have the same "FB Hop" image- just find that and click there.
Make sure you like the page to get your free product.

Here's a link to my Facebook page, but remember that you need to go to Tori's Facebook page to see the list of all the pages.

Oh and say "Hi" and "Thanks" while you are there... we love your comments/feedback!

And if that wasn't enough....

Ok.. what are you waiting for... GO HOP!!

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