Mathematical Monday: Proof Drawings

I'm loving Mondays because I get to be a math nerd and share what's happening in my room and learn what everyone else is doing for math!

My school is using Math Expressions, which is new to me.  I'm trying to give it a chance and be true to the program while at the same time supplementing where I know I need to in order to best meet the needs of my kids.  If you use Math Expressions I'd love to hear your take on it.

Anyway, we're learning about regrouping in addition (which seems late to me because I've always taught that before Christmas).  One of the strategies that conceptually makes it easy for my kids to understand is a Proof Drawing.

The steps are similar if you're regrouping to make a hundred.  Math Expressions calls hundreds boxes, so I have my kiddos put a box around the 10 sticks to show that it's now 1 hundred.

I like this method because it allows kids to see why you add a ten or hundred so I'm hoping that as we learn more strategies my kiddos will be able to remember this and build on it.

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  1. I teach Math Expressions too! Some days I absolutely love it, other times I'm like, "Why are we doing that here?!?" My team does modify things a bit- we sometimes change the order of the lessons, split them up over 2 days, add in our own manipulatives, etc. However, all in all- I do think it's a solid program and when kids have had it since Kindergarten, they come to third grade ready to go (well, most of them) :)

  2. This is what I was supposed to do today with my 3rd graders. I too am confused as I usually start with place value/addition/subtraction and then go to multiplication. This year with expressions we started with multiplication. I'm happy to see you use the proof drawings in 2nd grade so then when they get to third and are asked to use this as a strategy they will understand the concept. :) I'm doing my best to say true to the program as well... I'm even more excited for next year when I get a group of kids who have had it a year and there are hopefully less gaps to fill! Would love to know how your kids liked making the proof drawings. I think they're kind of fun!
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  3. My last school used Expressions. We rearranged the order a bit after meeting our kiddos and learning more about their math strengths and weaknesses. If an entire school uses the same program it helps, but I think supplementing and tweaking to fit the KIDS makes perfect sense! I'm a fan of proof drawings for kids that NEED to prove. I'm your newest follower!

    :) Ash
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