Mathematical Monday---FACEing Math with a freebie

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I love math!  When I was in college my mother told me that you HAD to have a minor in order to graduate, so I minored in math!  I could do math problems all day and I love seeing that light bulb turn on when kids really understand the why behind the math.

One of the activities that my kiddos love to do when they finish is FACEing Math.  Have you heard of it?  You can check their website out by clicking on the picture below.

FACEing Math is a combination of standards based math and art.  I've used the Elementary Multiplication in 4th grade and my friends in 3rd grade have used the Elementary Math.  I'm currently using the Primary Number Sense pack with my 2nd graders.

Because I am a horrible blogger, I don't have pictures of my lovebugs doing these activities, but I will share the pictures from their website:

These are the final products from the Primary Number Sense set.  There are 20 lessons in this pack and each lesson has 18 problems.  Students solve the problems then, based on their answer, draw or color the person a certain way.  Below are some sample questions from lesson 1 of this set.

The reason I like FACEing Math is because it's high engagement. My kids always ask to do this.  It's easy to check if students are solving the problems correctly.  If their picture is drastically different from the final product, then I easily know that there are some misconceptions I need to clarify.  I also love that for each set, the initial images are the same, which means I can make mass copies and always have them on hand.  For example, in the Primary Number Sense pages, students are always drawing a person.  The initial page starts off the same, but how they create the person varies depending on what they are told to do in the lesson (I hope that makes sense!).

Here are some pictures from different sets that are available:

from Primary Problem Solving

from Elementary Multiplication

from Elementary Math
Now that I'm diving in to math work stations, I will use these in my independent practice work station as a review of concepts that have been previously taught.  

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  1. I have never heard of this program! Thanks for introducing this very unique skill practice!! I will most definitely have to keep this in mind when ordering supplemental resources next year!


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