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Made It #1: I had planned to blog about this over the summer for Monday Made It, but somehow never did, so I thought I'd link up for the monthly addition and share this easy, yet great classroom management idea.
I found this idea on Pinterest and traced it back to Kathleen at Growing Kinders
Kathleen's mystery cup (I just use a container from the Dollar Tree with the label from her blog)

At the end of each day I put a number into my mystery person cup (I use the classroom numbers from Teri at A Cupcake for the Teacher) that way if the morning is hectic I'm ready to go.  During the day I remind my kids that I'm watching the mystery person and they love it.  They all try to guess who it is.  I'll throw out reminders like "The mystery person is doing an awesome job right now" and they all smile with the look on their face like they know it's cute!
At the end of the day if the mystery person has been good, all the kids stand up and I call numbers.  When they're number is called they sit down.  I do this until there's only 1 person left standing and that's my mystery person!  They love it!  I even set up an award on Class Dojo just for being the mystery person.  If they have a good day as the mystery person they get 2 extra Dojo points.  If the mystery person hasn't been making good choices, then I just don't announce it so there's no negative that goes with it.
So far it's working out well.  I try to make sure to let the specialists know who the mystery person is so they can be on the look out too!

Do you do something like this in your classroom?  How's it working?

Made It #2: My daughter's birthday was a few weeks ago and I finally got around to making the template for this birthday questionnaire that I saw on Pinterest

Pinned Image
from Leelou Blogs
Here's what I created.  This is going to be priceless when she gets older.  Some of her answers were so adorable!

Made It #3: TpT products and freebies.  I've been busy creating things for my classroom and to share with everyone.  Here's some of what I've created:

Pumpkin Abbreviation Unit (includes cards, graphic organizers, worksheets, and student book pages):
click the picture above to purchase



Sweet Synonym and Antonym Sort (includes sorting cards and 2 recording sheets):

click the picture above to purchase

Freebies!!!!!  Here are the latest freebies I've created:
(click the pictures to download from my TpT store)



Make sure you head over to 4th Grade Frolics to see what everyone's been up to this month!


  1. Thanks so much for the freebies! I am a second grade teacher too who is teaching place value as we speak!!

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  3. I love the birthday questionnaire you made! What a wonderful idea!! I don't have kids yet, but that would be a fun thing to do in the future!!

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