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My school is one of the many that uses Accelerated Reader (AR).  Last year, the computer in my room wouldn't let the kids take tests so we only were able to take them in the computer lab.  This year, my classroom computer is ready to rock and roll and I really want to better motivate my students to work hard and achieve their AR goals.
To help them do this, I created this All-Star AR packet:

The first thing I did was give my students this card so they would know their current reading level:
My students have this log to record their goals, books read, and points earned:
When they finish reading a book they can sign up to take a test using this sign up form:
I was finding out that my kids would get to the computer and not remember their title so I made sure to put the title on the sign up sheet so when they are at the computer they can refer to it instead of having to go back to their seats to get the book.
I have my computer supervisors monitor the sign up sheet.  They help get the kids logged in and notifiy the next student when it's their turn (one less thing I have to worry about!)
When students finish taking the test, they fill out this test ticket:
I have them put the completed ticket in a bucket near the computer and I use these to check their progress.  Sometimes I'll draw a name out and give a reward for getting a passing score.
To help motivate students to keep reading and earning points, I have stars with ribbons hanging down (sorry I didn't take a picture of this in my class).  I attach these points tags to their ribbons:

So far my kids are loving AR and are really motivated to read and earn points.  When they reach a goal or get a 100%, I give them a certificate:
This system has allowed me to better monitor my students regarding their reading and points and also keep AR a prominent part of the classroom (I'll post pictures of the displays next week).
This 64 page packet also includes a pennant banner to display the points (you can attach clothespins to the different points totals), 5 different certificates in 2 versions, punch cards, and Hall of Fame recording sheets (I use these when students fill up their punch cards).
Click {HERE} to head to my store to check it out!
If you use AR, I'd love to hear how you manage it and keep it going.  If you'd like the chance to win this product, please leave me a comment about AR.  I'll pick 2 winners using the random number generator on Monday!
Have a great weekend!


  1. Hi Brandi,
    I was just wondering, do most of your students make 100 on the tests? I teach first grade and I have had trouble with kids not passing the tests. this year I am trying to kind of walk the kids through several tests to make sure they are comprehending what they are reading. Also with first grade, they still are trying to figure out what grades are, so that is another challenge. I'm going to check out your packet. Thanks!

    Kelly @ I'm Not Your Grandpa, I'm Your Teacher

  2. @Kelly
    Hey Kelly!
    I've only had a few 100%. When they first started they weren't passing (getting like 20-50%). So we talked about what they need to do in order to read to understand....going slower, rereading, etc. Now it's starting to improve. I also reminded them to take their time when they're taking the tests. I started by punching their punch cards for scores of 80% and above and that really seemed to motivate them. Hope you find the packet useful!

  3. Love this! I too use AR and not too many of my kids take test. I have the same bunch that are always earning those points. This is exactly what I was looking for/thinking abtou making!! This would definitely motivate the rest of the students to keep on with them tests :D

  4. Hello Kelly !

    Our school just adopted AR this year so we are learning more about it and how to effectively manage it. It has not been introduced to the students yet, so your packet looks like it would be a great resource !

    Lindsey -

  5. I love the idea of the test tickets and "raffle." One of my classroom jobs is AR monitor. This student signs off on each test to make sure the students do not lie about their score. To prevent students from rushing to take a test and earning a low score, I require my students to write a 2-3 sentence summary in their reader's notebooks. The idea of writing a summary discourages them from taking a test before completing the book.


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