Parent Tech Night

Last week I organized a Parent Tech Night. The goal of this night was to inform parents of our district's technology initiatives and to discuss digital citizenship.

We started the night by having parents use an iPad to scan 4 QR codes around the room. These codes led them to 4 survey questions on Google Forms about devices in their home and how their child uses these devices.

After about 15 minutes, I used the Summary of Responses feature from the Google Form to grab a visual representation of the data and inserted that into our slide presentation.
Our director of instructional support (my boss), began the presentation by showing parents how their answers compared to the data collected by Common Sense Media's various surveys.

My boss then led parents through many of the district initiatives our we are implementing regarding educational technology. Then I was up! I shared the following presentation about digital citizenship with parents.

We looked at social media, digital tatoo, 21st century learning, and technology for learning. During the social media portion of the presentation, we played Kahoots! which was a blast!

Overall, I think the night went very well. Parents were engaged and excited to learn about the things going on in terms of tech. Can't wait to share more with parents to help support their child's learning!

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  1. Wow! Great job! I'm a first year elementary tech coach (after 25 years in the classroom!) and hosting a parent night is one of my personal goals. Thanks so much for sharing this post and the wonderful things you are doing for the kids and parents!
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