Slim Down Saturdays and 2015 Resolutions

It's the end of the year which means resolutions and goal setting.  My two major resolutions/goals deal with my health/fitness and finances so I'm linking up with Gina at Teaching with a Touch of Pixie Dust and Jessica at Second Grade Nest to share my goals.

My goal this year in terms of eating is to follow Dr. Ian Smith's Shred diet plan.  I have done Dr. Ian's Extreme Fat Smash and lost weight, but I need to be able to follow a lifestyle plan that will help me make good choices that I can sustain from here on out.  For my exercise, I will be starting Chalene Johnson's PiYo and continuing with Leslie Sansone's walking DVD's.  I plan to link up with Gina weekly to share my progress on this journey.

Now on to Jessica's 2015 Resolutions Linky:

I want to go to the TPT conference this summer.  I read such wonderful posts about it and would love to meet up with some of the people I've connected with on this blogging and creating journey.

I feel like this is the year of me.  I have a lot of things that I will be accomplishing this year in my personal life.  The biggest is going to be losing weight and getting rid of debt.  I have a goal to lose 86 lbs.  I know it may take a while, but every day I plan to take a step in the right direction until I've met this goal.  I also will be paying off my car this year.  I plan to cut back on some frivolous things and put every extra little bit toward this loan so I can be debt free!

READ!!! I bought myself a Kindle for Christmas and have been reading for pleasure over the break. I want to continue doing this because I love reading and I know that it sets a great example for my daughter.

My first round of 3 weeks no cheats.  I will be pushing myself at the start of this year to be dedicated to my fitness and eating plan.  I have been very motivated by some fabulous bloggers and Instagrammers who have lost weight and I want to be a success right along with them.

Like my quote above says, "Dreams don't work unless you do", I'm off to plan and turn these dreams into a reality!


  1. Good luck with all of your goals for the new year. I will be linking up with Slim Down Saturdays as well. The accountability really helped me last year.

  2. Good luck with all of your stuff! I finished the Financial Peace Course this last year and we are working on getting rid of our debt. It really works but does take some discipline. Kristi Teaching Little Miracles


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