One Word Resolutions

Blogging 2 days in a row...I can't believe it!  Yesterday I wrote down my goals and resolutions for the year.  You can read the details {HERE}.  Today I'm linking up with Primary Powers for their One Word Resolutions Linky.

Last year my one word was FAITH.  I continue to see God's hand in my life and have grown to turn to Him first when I need comfort, guidance, strength, or anything.  This year my focus is on me and my family and in order to do that I need to invest!
This year I will invest in myself physically, emotionally, and financially.  I will also invest more time with my family and resolve to make memories by being together.

What's your one word for the year?  I love reading about people's goals and how they plan to achieve them!


  1. What a lovely idea to consider yourself an investment. You get what you put in, right? Thanks for linking up, Brandi!

  2. What a great word you have chosen! Investing in yourself is so important. When you invest in yourself, others see the value of investing in you, too. I spent this year investing more time with my sons. They soon will be off to college and I want to make as many memories with them as possible!

  3. oh... I love that word! Invest. I know that I am often distracted and shallow, so investing would make a difference! love it!

  4. I haven't decided on my word yet!!! Eeek! Last year my word was BELIEVE. I believed that my daughter would come back to our family (long story). Not only did she in October, but back in March I rededicated my life to Christ so BELIEVE took on an even BIGGER meaning than I intended! :) So thankful!!

    Here's to investing in yourself and your family, and here's to me choosing ONE word in the next 24 hours!!



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