WBT: Teach-Okay!

So I'm taking introducing WBT gradually with my class. For one, I am still reading up and learning about correctly implementing these strategies.  Also, the first 2 weeks of school have been CRAZY!

The first week I introduced "Class-Yes" and my students have been doing a great job with it.  This week I introduced "Teach-Okay".  We started our social studies unit on government and my kids were taking Nancy Fetzer notes (a topic for another post because I love her!).  Anyway, I'm not the best when it comes to hand motions, but seeing as so many of my kids are bodily-kinesthetic, I know I need to implement this strategy more often.

We started with our main idea (or S, S, light bulb for those of you familiar with Nancy) and I used a gesture to remember it.  Once we had all practiced it repeatedly, I divided the class into pairs and introduced "Teach-Okay".  My students loved it!  They were engaged and excited and truly listened to their partner.  Once the 1's went, I said "Switch" and they responded "Switch", then the 2's taught their partner.

We continued to use teach-okay for each section of our notes.  By the end, the students were so engaged and focused...........it was amazing.  Even the next day when we went to review what we learned, they immediately used their hand motions and could tell me their overview of our government unit!

It was fun for me and them and they retained the information........what more could I want!

If you're using WBT strategies, how's it going for you?

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