Classroom photos.....finally!

I finally took pictures of my classroom!  I've brought my camera everyday, but it wasn't until I was preparing for University Orientation (aka Back to School Night), that I actually stopped and took pictures.  After uploading them to my computer I realize I didn't capture everything, but here's what I did take:

My school does a university theme and my class is the University of I didn't go to school there, nor am I from Texas.  I picked them because they have good sports teams and it's fun to hear my kids say "Hook 'em horns!"

In the back of my room I have my Texas bulletin board.  Last year I had a student who's aunt owned a farm and sent in pictures of her longhorns so I displayed them up there, along with my Texas poster and other university stuff.  I am going to give the disclaimer that this bulletin board is above my back cabinets, and in order to get up there, I had to do some "interesting" climbing all while my foot was in a brace.  When I got down I realized the right side border and most of the pictures are completely crooked :(  Maybe one day I'll venture back up there but for now I'm stuck looking at it!

On my back cabinets, I have my "starting line up".  I'm doing a sports theme and thought this would be a cute way to display my pictures from meet your teacher.

On these cabinets I also have my jobs display ("Helping Horns").  I used the pick me pot numbers from A Cupcake for the Teacher.

Finally on this back wall I have my word analysis posters.  In 2nd grade, my kids are tested on synonyms, antonyms, prefixes, suffixes, abbreviations, multiple meaning words, and compound words.  I'll do a long post on how I use these soon, but in essence, when we're reading and students find any of these types of words, they put them on a sticky note.  Then we'll discuss what they've written down and if they can correctly explain the word, they can add it to the board.

My large bulletin board in the back is where my students writing will be displayed.  I've labeled it "All-Star Work" to keep with the sports theme.

On my back door I have my birthday chart.  I will be taking pictures of the kids holding the numbers for their birthdays.  Below that is my mini word wall.  I put library pockets on a black poster and laminated it, then cut a slit for the opening of each pocket.  I put an index card in each pocket (haven't done that yet) and when students need help spelling a word, they get the correct card and I'll write it on there.  When they need help, they can look there first before asking me.

On the right hand wall, I have some motivational posters and my multiple intelligence display.  I teach at an MI school, so we test all the kids to find out strength and display it in our rooms.  I have a very bodily-kinesthetic and interpersonal class, so lots of movement and talking!

Continuing around the room, I have my behavior managment posted with my rules, consequences, and rewards.

In the front of my room, on the white board, I have my brownie points pan, my WBT posters and classroom signals.

The other side of my white board has my calendar, daily schedule, and picture directions cards.

Next, I have my boggle board, but I think I'm going to move it and use this space to display my weekly standards.

Finally, my kids and I complete the Going for the Gold glyph from Hope King's Going for the Gold back to school unit.

I need to take a wide angle shot of the entire room, but I'm loving my set up so far!  Here's a great year everyone!

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