1st week recap and Whole Brain Teaching

Well the first week is in the books and I'm exhausted.  I love my kids (all 32 of them!) and love my new room.....I moved from the portables in the back to a big room in the front!  I have more cabinet space than I know what to do with.....go shopping I guess!
Anyway, I still haven't taken pictures....I know, bad blogger.  But I love how my room turned out!  Will definitely post pics and link up to the classroom picture parties ASAP!
Now, on to my new favorite classroom technique.....WHOLE BRAIN TEACHING!  Why haven't I been using this for the past eight years!


I started by introducing the classroom rules.  I downloaded my rules from The Polka Dot Patch and taught them to my class early on the first day.  Using the gestures was amazing!  My kids actually remember what the rules are when asked, instead of giving generic answers.  When they need to make a better choice I just do one of the gestures and they know what they should be doing!  I love it!

Reflecting on previous years, I'd never really taught my kids the rules.  I told them and we discussed what they meant, but they could never tell me what they were once I had introduced them.  If they don't know them, how can they follow them?  I know this bunch will have a better understanding of the rules, which I'm hoping will help them remember to follow the rules.  I also know that they've been given multiple chances on a daily basis (which we'll continue to do) so there's no excuse as to why they aren't following a rule.

After I'd taught the rules and we'd rehearsed them for a while, I showed them part of the second video from Miss Smartie Pants' blog.  Even though the video was middle schoolers, my kids were into it and wanted to do what they did!  So motivating!

A little later in the day I introduced "Class, Yes".  This beats all of the things I've done in the past hands down.  My kiddos respond instantly and are ready for directions almost immediately.........again, in love!  They think it's hilarious when I use different voices and really try to imitate me as best as possible.
Next week I plan to introduce "Hands and Eyes" and "Teach, Okay".  I need to brush up on some videos and blog hop.  I am just loving WBT so far and feel ashamed for not having used these strategies sooner.  I'm so thankfully for blogging which has opened my teaching world!

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  1. I have started using little pieces of WBT and I stinking LOVE Class! Yes! I don't know WHAT it is about it that works SO well but it has been my saving grace the last three weeks!

    32 kids! Ahh! I Feel for you, dear. I have 28 and I thought that was too many! Hoping your room is larger than mine.

    Mrs. Kelly's Klass


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