A Peek at My Week

I'm almost done with report cards, but instead of finishing them, I'm going to share what I'm teaching this week!
We're going to continue working on inferring.  Last week we did the "What's in my purse and what does it mean?" activity.  This week we'll be using some task cards that I picked up during the TPT sale.
Inference Task Cards, Pictures and Text, Common Core Diffe

Inference Task Cards: 24 Short Story Cards for Grades 1-2.
 We're beginning 2D and 3D shapes this week.  I'm excited for this unit because there are a lot of fun activities to do involving food and my kiddos love when we do things out of the box. I'll be using toothpicks and marshmallows to make 2D shapes and pretzels and gumdrops to make 3D shapes!

Here are some of my favorite pins for geometry:
Pretzels and Gumdrops 3D Geometry Shapes Snack Fun! We had so much fun with this today! I found this idea on Pinterest, but I'm not sure who to credit it to. Let me know if it's you!

Bulletin Board Ideas - Geomotry using toothpicks and mini marshmallows. love it!

We'll also be adding to our math notebook using these pages from Jaime's Interactive Notebook pack:
With St. Patrick's Day quickly approaching, we'll be writing a how to piece about catching a leprechaun.  I teased this idea on Friday and my kiddos were so excited.  I can't wait to see what steps they think they'll need to catch a leprechaun!
Work stations is quickly becoming the highlight of my day!  This week in math we'll be reviewing measurement, place value, line plots, and money.  For our literacy work stations we'll be doing my March sentence scramble, a text features game from Courtney's Smart about Text Features pack, Brenda's I Spy Word Work, spelling spinner to practice this week's spelling words, partner reading, writing journals, and Teaching with a Mountain View's Fact and Opinion Task Cards.  I'll be blogging more about how I set up and manage my work stations this week.

Only 3 weeks til Spring Break then 9 weeks after that til summer...so much to do in such a short amount of time!


  1. I have used the purse activity for inferring in the past and the students always love it! I try to throw some extra fun things in there just to see what they can come up with.

    Our 2nd grade teachers also do a similar writing activity, but they also have the kids turn their writing into a STEM project by building a leprechaun trap. Such fun!

    Thanks for linking up and for showing us that summer really is on the horizon! Have a great week!

    Mrs. Laffin's Laughings

  2. I have several sets of Rachel Lynette's task cards. I just love them.

    Fit to be Fourth

  3. I need to remember the purse activity for inferring! :) How fun! Looks like you have a fun week planned! Enjoy!
    Mrs. Bentin's Blackboard


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