What's Workin' Wednesday: Parent Gifts

Sorry for posting this so late!  We're in our last week at school and it's been CRAAAAAAZY!  The past week or so we've been working on our parent gifts.  Everything is inspired by Pinterest!

First, we made snowmen hot chocolate!  The kids brought in baby food jars and we filled them with marshmallows, chocolate mix, and peppermints.  Then the kids decorated them.  I think they turned out really cute!

I let the kids decorate a paper bag to put it in (hoping they make it home okay.....fingers crossed!)

Next, we made glitter ornaments.  I blogged about making them with my daughter for December Monday Made It and decided if my 4 year old can do it, my second graders can do it!  Here's how they turned out:

Then we put them in an ornament box that the kids decorated.

The final project was the snow-paint card.  This was so much fun and so easy!  I mixed shaving cream and glue with a little glitter.  The kids painted a snowman on the front and on the inside wrote "I love you SNOW much!"

sorry for the sideways pictures!
I hope they made it home in one piece and the parents enjoy them!

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