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fill a bucketProduct DetailsLast year I started off by reading these 2 books to my kids about bucket filling.  We talked about what it meant to fill a bucket and how we fill when we are bucket fillers vs. bucket dippers.  My kids really liked it.  I had slips printed up for them to write when they wanted to fill someone's bucket.  Unfortunately, like a lot of things, I wasn't consistent with it and my kids eventually stopped doing it and I stopped reminding them.  I'm determined not to do that this year, so I want to have a bulletin board dedicated to bucket filling where each student has their own bucket.  Due to the logistics of having 33 kids, I don't have room to have actual buckets, but I would like to do something similar to this:
Source: Mrs. Carroll at The First Grade Parade
I have tons of library pockets...somewhere in my room (organizing is my summer to do!).  I'm in the process of using Vista Print to create business cards students can use as slips to flip others' buckets.  If you use bucket fillers, what do you use for slips and how do you manage it?


  1. I used a poster similar to the one you posted. I think I actually saw that one on pinterst and modified one to fit my needs. I had an actual bucket in my room with slips of paper that had the writing prompt: "I'm going to fill __________'s bucket because ____________________________." [Or something along those lines... I'm at home and the slips are packed up.] Students were allowed to write one at anytime, but it died down toward the end. Whenever I noticed our class family falling apart, I put a slip on each students desk to complete before morning work. It helped get us back on track and reminded the students to write them more often.

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  2. I agree with you about keeping up with it! There were times throughout the year that I found it really difficult to keep up with the bucket filling in my class too. I like your idea of using Vistaprint to make some bucket filler cards! :)

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