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It's week three for me with the kiddos.  Last Wednesday, we were told that the district said our numbers were too low so there would need to be combo classes.  This had all of us stressed.  On Friday we found out that it's going to be a 3/4 combo.  I won't be teaching it, but I will be getting 4 more students.  Can't complain since that will only bring me up to 22, but I'll be spending some time this week reteaching rules and procedures in depth.
I plan to take this week to introduce math games.  I really want to use the Guided Math approach after reading Laney Sammons' book this summer, but I've been struggling with doing that while using the EngageNY curriculum.  With the addition of my 4 new friends, I thought this would be a great time to introduce some multiplication games so I can better implement Guided Math in the future.
Language Arts:
We're also using the EngageNY language arts curriculum.  This week we'll be reviewing close reading and answering text-dependent questions.
Reader's Workshop:
I spend an hour in the morning using the EngageNY curriculum, but I also want my kids to be reading just right books that interest them, so I also do reader's workshop in the afternoon.  This week we're focusing on genre.
We're beginning the year with informational writing, so I'm tying it into our social studies curriculum.  I will be using Nancy Fetzer to help my kiddos become better writers.  I love that there are hand motions to help with the structure of writing as well as a variety of ways to front load information if needed (which my kiddos do).
Social Studies:
We're going to be looking at the physical features of California's geography.  We'll be making a lapbook for this unit and I can't wait to share it when we're done!

This is the earliest I've ever started school and can't believe that September is here!  That means it's time for Currently!

Lifetime movies always get me over the weekend.  There's usually a theme and all the movies are either good or really bad that you have to watch!  Loving that my baby is a kindergartner and is so happy.  Here she is on the first day of school last week:
I love living in southern California, but I'm over sweating all the ain't pretty! I'm looking forward to crisp, cool (not cold!) fall weather!  Finally, for my 3 trips, I'd love to go to Paris...such a romantic city, the Bahamas...everyone says it's so beautiful and so much fun, and any cruise!  Maybe one day I'll take a cruise to the Bahamas and get these 2 bucket list items checked off!

Finally, I was blessed to be contacted by The Mailbox to host a giveaway a while ago.  Here are the winners:
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  1. Good luck with your four new students. It is a bummer to have to start over teaching procedures, but it is so important. Have an amazing week!

    Mrs. Laffin's Laughings

  2. Your kindergartener is adorable! And I'm right there with you wanting cool, fall weather.
    2 Smart Wenches

  3. Hi Brandi - you've had your blog redone since I've been here last...super cute! I love Lifetime too! #addicted
    Teaching and Much Moore


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