Monday Meet Up, Two for Tuesday, and Currently!

I'm loving these summer link ups!   Today I'm catching up with Farley for Currently and with The Teaching Tribune for Monday and Tuesday's link ups!

Next up, 2 linkies from The Teaching Tribune!

The 2 products I'm marking down 50% will hopefully help you get organized for the upcoming school year.  First is my calendar and notes product.
This product is great to have with you when you need to jot something quickly into your calendar.  It also includes lined pages you can use to take notes at those oh so important meetings!  If you purchased it last year, you can simply re-download it to get the updated version for free!  I've also made this in a pastel version (inspired by my blog colors) which you can check out by clicking any of the images below.  It's also marked 50% off for today!

Next up is my planner.  This planner got me through all of last year (2 different schools and grade levels)!  I absolutely loved it.  I blogged about it HERE.  This set includes the calendar and notes pages like the product above, but also includes short and long term planning pages and other pages that are great to keep you organized for the year. This product is editable so you can add text boxes and type directly onto it.

 Hopefully these will help you start off the year organized!


  1. Your products look beautiful! Will have to check them out... Enjoy the Dodgers game!


  2. Definitely get the e-ink kind. Black lit screens can harm your eyes! Enjoy your Dodgers game.

  3. Have so much fun at the game! I agree...summer is going by WAYYYY too fast! :)
    Mrs. Bentin's Blackboard


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