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I am so excited to share with you a fabulous product that Casey from Second Grade Math Maniacs has---Take Home Math Kits!

Here's part of the description from TPT:
After successfully using Take Home Math Kits in my own classroom, I decided to create a cohesive set. These games promote collaboration between home and school, as well as increase student interest in mathematics. 
The goal is to reinforce math concepts taught in the classroom, while being simple enough for parents to help with at home.
These games could just as easily be used solely in the classroom as early finisher activities, reinforcement, or center activities.
There are a total of 30 math kits in this unit. Most of the units address CCSS for Second Grade, although a few are just for fun. The standard addressed for each kit is located in the Table of Contents.

I love that Casey provides an easy set up and management system.  Due to some crazy school scheduling, I wasn't able to use this with my students; however, I had the games made and decided it would be a fun mommy-daughter bonding experience!

Like the description says, this product contains 30 math kits.  I decided to use Balloon Cover Up, Kitten Cover Up, and Paper Plate Addition with my daughter.

Balloon Cover Up:
For this game, 2 players spin 2 spinners (which are included) and find the sum.  Then they cover up the balloon with the sum.  The first player to cover all of their balloons wins!  I love that this game reinforces basic facts!  So many students can use this.
After playing the game she was eager to fill out the recording sheet.

Kitten Cover Up:
This game is similar to Balloon Cover Up except you have to subtract from 10.  This was great for my daughter because she needs to become more fluent with her subtraction facts...ok she doesn't NEED to, but I'd like her to.
Again, after the fun game (which she hated to "lose") there was a recording sheet which had her excited to show what she knew.  Many of the facts she remembered, but some she need to go back to her favorite math tools--her fingers!  She then tried to convince me that we needed to play a 4th time so she would make sure to remember her facts!

Paper Plate Addition:
This game is definitely a winner!  There are a bunch of addition facts that you cut out.  You put 1 fact on a plate then throw a ball on the plate.  If you answer the fact correctly you get to keep it.  The person with the most facts at the end wins.

My daughter did not want to stop playing this game and I don't blame her!  We had a blast tossing the ball at the plates and answering the fact.  We even set a timer one round to see how many facts we could get through before it went off!

As a teacher, what I love about this product is that it can be used at home to really foster that home-school connection and can also be used in the classroom to help students work together and have fun reviewing math concepts.  I also love that it is not time consuming to put together and if pieces get lost, you can easily replace them by just printing out another sheet!  Finally, there are a variety of activities that cover many standards, which make them great for spiral review.

As a parent, I loved that the activities were quick and fun.  We played all 3 the first night when I was introducing them and now do at least each night.  She likes these so much we haven't even tried any of the other games!  I also loved that this was more than just a worksheet.  I know that we need to reinforce skills, but this was so much fun for my daughter that she breezed through the recording sheets and was begging for more.  She loved that the games helped her with the "big kid school work"!

Thanks so much Casey for letting me review this amazing product.  I can't wait to use it in my classroom because I know how much fun kids and families will have because I had a blast with my daughter playing these games!

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  1. Hooray! Thanks for the great review! I am glad that you and your daughter both had fun, that's the whole idea. My kiddos love Paper Plate Addition too! I had to make 5 of them because they are always checked out. Kids love getting to throw balls inside the house. Thanks again! :)

    Second Grade Math Maniac


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