My logical-mathematical, checklist-loving self is in full force!  I feel like I'm great at making a list, but the execution this week was a little lacking.  Here's a recap of last week's goals and how I did (green means it's done, red means it's still on the list).  In my defense of a lack of green, my daughter was sick at the beginning of the week and now I'm sick.  Excuses aside, here's how I did:
1. Get my report card comments done: I plan to get a bunch done today and tomorrow.  All of my grades are done and have been input, but those comments still need to get done!

2. Finish making my home management binder: I've printed all of my printables and have everything organized in a folder.  I want to get or make a cute binder for it all.

3. Work out at least 3 times this week: Definitely didn't happen with a sick 4 year old, then a sick mommy!

4. Track my eating using WW points: Last week I lost 1.2 lbs and I'm hopeful for another loss this week!

5. Create at least 1 new product for my TpT store: Going back on my list this week!

2 out of 5 isn't too bad right?  So here are this week's goals:
1. Create at least 1 new product for my TpT store: It was number 5 on my list but it's movin' up to the top!
2. Work out this week: I'm not going to give a specific number since I'm still sick, but I will get up and get moving in some way!
3. Go to a movie:  I haven't seen a grown up movie at a theater in years, so I want to get out this week and see something.  I figure that's a good start to my spring break which begins at 11:35 am Friday (not that I'm counting down!).
4. Get Lauryn's Easter basket done: I've bought everything to put in it, now I need to put it together.

5. Finish my report card comments: Since they're due this Friday I know I have to get it done.

I'm aiming for 5 out of 5 this week!  Wish me luck!

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I'm loving the Let's Get Acquainted linky party Latoya is hosting over at Flying into First Grade. 

Last week we shared something about us based on our initials.  You can learn more about me HEREThis week it's 2 truths and a lie!  Here are the rules:

Think of 3 things about yourself or your life. You should make 2 of them truths and 1 of them a lie. You can list them on your post in any order. Do NOT give the answer yet in your post. People will try guess your lie in your in the comments of your post. So remember to be very creative so that it is hard for people to get it right. At the end of the week you can share the answer in your comments from the post or include it in a post you make at the end of the week.

Here are mine:
1. I love coffee.
2. I married my ex-husband twice.
3. I never learned how to do a cartwheel.
Leave a comment and guess which is my lie!  I'll reveal the truth at the end of the week!

In other news, thanks to the fabulous tips from Jenny at Luckeyfrog's Lilypad, I decided to create a facebook page! Her tips were easy to follow and I've got it all set up! I'd love for you to stop by and like my new page. You can find me here:!

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And the winners of my Back to Blogging Giveaway are......

I'll be sending you an email shortly!
Thanks everyone for the warm welcome back to the blogging world.  It's good to be back!
I'm sure you've seen these all over Pinterest and blogland.  I'm on the Social Committe at my school and we're making the "so lucky to have you" bags of lucky charms for our colleagues, so I whipped these up:

While I was at it I made tags for my kiddos:

You can download the COLLEAGUES label here and the CLASS label here (or you can click the pictures above).  Happy St. Patrick's Day!
I love a good linky party and Latoya at Flying into First Grade is starting a great series called

This week we're sharing 3 things about ourselves that we like or like to do using our initials!  My initials are BDM so here it goes:

B---Baseball.  I love all sports and grew up playing softball and watching a ton of baseball.  I was blessed enough to earn a college scholarship to UMASS--Amherst.  I haven't played in a while, but I'm dusting off the equipment to get my daughter ready for tee ball!
D---Dinner and a movie.  This is what my friends and I are getting together do to this weekend.  We're watching some old DVDs and catching up!  I can't wait!
M---Mom. I am the lucky mom of an amazing 4 year old named Lauryn!  She is so full of joy and energy and I feel blessed to be her mom!

This was taken a few days after Christmas at Disneyland!  We had such a blast!

So there's a little bit about me!  Make sure you stop by and link up.  Latoya has a new topic every Sunday and you can link up throughout the week!

Also don't forget to check out my "Back to Blogging" giveaway!  You can read up on it HERE.
I love a good checklist so I'm linking back up with Jessica and Jenn for

Here are my 5 goals for this week:
1. Get my report card comments done: I figure if I just do about 5 a day I'll be done with them this week!

2. Finish making my home management binder: I've been in a nesting frenzy on Pinterest and love the idea of an organizational binder for home.  I made one this summer for work and it's been amazing to have all of my go to items at my fingertips.  I'm hoping having a home binder will help keep me organized at home.

3. Work out at least 3 times this week: I'm doing Leslie Sansone's walking DVDs.

4. Track my eating using WW points: I've joined Sparkpeople in order to lose some much needed weight so now I need to work the plan.

5. Create at least 1 new product for my TpT store: I have a lot of projects started, but need to finish and post at least one this week!

So there are my goals----a little mix of work and home to keep me balanced!

Don't forget to enter my giveaway!  Read about it here!

Have a great Monday!

Hello everyone! It's been forever since I've blogged. I've been trying to juggle a lot of things and unfortunately blogging got pushed to the back burner. But I'm back and ready to read up, catch up, and update what's been going on in my neck of the woods. Please check back soon for some updates! 

In the meantime as an apology, I'm having a quick giveaway with 2 winners! Use Rafflecopter below to enter. Winners will each receive a $10 credit to my store!

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